How to Configure MS SQL Failover Cluster in MS SQL Server 2019 – Step by Step

This video explains how to configure MS SQL Failover Cluster in Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Step by step procedure page here: …


  1. Can you please also make video for windows server failover cluster without share disk and sql server HA/DR 3 nodes , 2 nodes on once data centre and 1 node on another data centre with different subnet , this video is FCI

  2. Hi, thanks for the videos. We have a requirement to have a SQL FCI without a domain, on a workgroup. However, this runs into a block at SQL server FCI install when it keeps asking for a domain account as a service account. error is "specified service account is not valid. To continue, provide a domain account for SQL server Agent service" – thanks

  3. Doctor Dey

    0 seconds ago

    thanks for teaching, it is really helpful.

    but unfortunately do not have any other server in my environment using as a ISCSI target server, is there any other way to do clustering without having a 3rd server involvement as Storage server … Please Answer

  4. Hello King. the videos you make are really great, and for that I say thank you again for all the efforts.

    I know you don't have enough time, but please also answer their questions posted in comments, moreover you ask yourself, but you do not react.

    Thank you

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