JavaScript Basics in 10 Minutes

Happy Web Dev Wednesday! This week we are moving on to the wonderful world of JavaScript. As a basic starting point, we will …


  1. TNice tutorials is literally the best tutorial on YouTube. It's right to the point, and very informative at the sa ti. Thank you so much

  2. I don't know why it's so hard to grasp Javascript when they say it's as easy as learning HTML. I learned Web Design so HTML and CSS in college but now I'm talking webdev BootCamp and my head is spinning and trying to figure out JS since the teacher goes so fast over the concepts it's like learning a new language no pun intended. A fraction of the class had some experience with it but I've only had little debugging experience with it. When I look at my empty js file I'm like where do I begin. This video it kind of a lifesaver.

  3. Lost like fuck ​♂️I don’t tNice tutorialnk I really got the patience for tNice tutorials I wanna punch my fuckin lap top so good rn if any producers read tNice tutorials please

  4. This is a very simple to understand and learn JavaScript. Great video and great explanation. I’ll definitely save this and rewatch it.

  5. Thank you for the very helpful video. I'm taking a web dev course right now which moves at what most people would probably consider break-neck speed, let alone someone learning to code at 44. Videos like this are an invaluable supplemental resource.

  6. Hi Clare. How are you. I just started checking out your channel. I like the way you explain things in your videos. Not sure if you're still uploading though

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