Single stroke script airbrush

Couples heart design with single stroke script lettering. Airbrushed single stroke script lettering demo.


  1. Awesome video..would have loved to have seen this one start to finish, cause your hearts look unbelievable! I throw my stencil on there and start blasting but mine don't look as good as yours!!🤣😂

  2. Just bought me my first airbrush…an Iwata Neo but still in the box. You make it look to easy brother…str8 airbrushing porn lol

  3. I need help from the master. Can you use Wicked colors paints to airbrush custom Nikes? If so, can you also dip a paintbrush into Wicked paint and use it to get tiny details? … will the paint hold up over time?

  4. Holy crap..I REALLY didnt know who I was talking to when I asked that question over 2 years ago.I found you on Facebook after watching a bunch of Pat Gaines' videos. You are the man. Quite possibly the best active. ( all due respect to some of the awesome talent there is out there). Your True Fire script on the black tshirt blew me away…Your work is truly outstanding.

  5. do you reduce your paints when lettering shirts? or anytime doing shirts……also, i am looking into aqua flow for certain colors…thanks for the tip

  6. Thanks Eric! 80 might be a little high. I've been working at 60 more recently. As long as the paint is at the right consistency it sprays great at 60 for me

  7. I can't stand u…. You make that look so easy….lol….I have been working furiously every day at single stroke…It is starting to come together thanks to videos like yours and Jaime Rodriguez…i really appreciate you spending your time and talent with the rest of us…I can only believe u don't have more subscribers and views due to some strange reason this video doesn't always pull up when typing in key words for script lettering…I found u only a short while back…thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us

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