10 ways Linux is just better!

IOS, Android, OSX, Windows….. Now for Linux’s time in the spotlight. We reached out to our community again and you gave us …


  1. Linux is fine. The only bad thing is that it doesn't support all languages like Windows has.That's why many people don't use it.

  2. Oh and not to windows bash, but I've had a serious time wasting experience trying to install Win 10 on a laptop…

    Which didn't have the spec to run Win10.

    Now, grant you I should have done my research and checked…. OF course.

    HOWEVER last time I tried to install Ubuntu Studio on the same laptop – it wouldn't because of available memory.

    The point is – I was told UP FRONT that continuing was a bad idea. So I didn't.

    There was a workaround though – install on a computer with bigger memory and just put the drive into the laptop when you're done. Worked out the box – no hassle no nonsense.

    There was no such cautions from Windows 10 at all, and TBH being a utter Windows n00b (Winoob?) found that it would install, but the monitor remained a blank screen – you could only see the screen via an external monitor… Which really is quite the issue for a laptop.

    With an omission so notable – without any kind of warnings 🤷‍♂️

  3. There is no war between Windows and Linux. Like, Linux is a flaming 250 ton spike covered battle tank with a nuke strapped to its back rolling over the developmentally challenged stranded guppy that just soiled itself.

  4. Why did I never use Linux so far and stick to Windows?

    It's mostly because I have this feeling that installing anything will require me to looking things up and in the ends it just wont work. Install this random firefox add-on on arch linux… There is no way that it just works I feel.
    Install office 365. Photoshop or just a stupid game like ultimate epic battle simulator that I recently got.
    I also, for no good reason, prefer to use bs player over vlc. It installs a bunch of codecs so it can just play everything. I've gotten really used to it over 10 years. It's not a thing on Linux. Signal desktop app. Not a thing. Smooth Video Project 4. There is no fucking way that I just install the program and it works. The WWAN Module with sim card inside the notebook. No way.. or that That one HP Printer scan program "HP scan". I assume it would take a very long time until it works or it's not possible or I just give up.

    Pretty stupid and lame of me, I know. But it's the truth.

  5. at 3:04 you see what happens on Windoze all the time — great if you're trying to do something that's urgent! switch to Linux or Mac but SWITCH! (I've got both). Let's all go back to VAX VMS!

  6. roblox: No get away dumb linux users
    Linux Users: Are you SURE ABOUT THAT
    Linux users: *uses wine *
    roblox: ok fine i'll add linux support since everyone already uses wine on linux

  7. I was always told that Linux isn't secure and that's one of the biggest drawbacks to it is you don't get security like you do with Windows

  8. I use Windows and anytime I want my package manager grabs my package and installs it somewhere but somehow I don't think we're talking about the same package

  9. I swear, I did manage to install Ubuntu Mate on my old laptop last night. I know nothing about code, coding, run commands etc. I just followed the instruction of a YouTuber. And now I feel like I'm for it. I even manage to install Protonvpn on it after multiple attempts, and some basic apps not on Software/Software Boutique or Synaptic. Btw, I just learned those apps store/repositories last night too. Basically I haven't slept much. It was fun tho. I'm effin converted!

  10. To anyone that is reading my YouTube-comment:

    You can't expect something that was not-designed for Linux to work-well under Linux. Same way I can't-expect the "Oregon Trail" computer-game that I played on the Apple PowerMac computers in my school's computer-lab in 1993 to work-well on my AST "Advantage!" tower-computer that has Windows-95 in it.

    The program has to be written for Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or Apple Macintosh, for it to work-well in Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Apple Macintosh, respectively.

    (Or in the case of Linux, you can also share the hardware-specifications with the Linux-Foundation (specifically, the Linux-kernel developers) so they can write into the Linux-kernel the drivers for that hardware / the drivers for that particular hardware.

    The kernel is the "glue" that allows the hardware and software to talk to each other. It's very important).

  11. You can't make any adult money using Linux. Mac or windows is for people who have actual work and use a pc as a tool to get work done. Sitting on a pc all day figuring crap out on Linux is bs. I'm using Linux now and I feel like I'm on windows 95 coz all my work is held up, plus Linux locks out your pc so you can't overwrite it amd go back to windows without watching some tutorial. That's how I got here. If they could make Linux what it is but add full functionality for windows users it would make me stick to Linux. I don't want to have to spend an hour configuring my sound card when I could spend that time making 4grand doing actual work. I'm happy with Linux servers and other back end stuff I don't have to lose money over. Truly speaking it's for geeks who do nothing else but fiddle with computers, I don't think anyone in medicine has time for this, it's a piece of shit when you have things to do. I may be tech savvy and need privacy but the markets will shut you out if you get into such geeky territory

  12. From day when I installed Linux on my wife computer I don`t have problem with my wife and my wife computer. We are happy family.

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