The Battle of the Linux Titans: Zorin OS 16.2 Vs Pop OS 22.04 | Which is the ULTIMATE Distro? (2023)

The Battle of the Linux Titans: Zorin OS 16.2 Vs Pop OS 22.04 | Which is the ULTIMATE Distro? (2023)

The Battle of the Linux Titans: Zorin OS 16.2 Vs Pop OS 22.04 | Which is the ULTIMATE Distro? (2023)

Zorin OS and Pop OS are two phenomenal Linux distributions. Both are modern distros, doing a lot of innovation and providing remarkable computing experience to their users.
Zorin and Pop OS both are based on Ubuntu. But the similarities start and end right there, as both of these bring their own unique desktops, downright stunning features, and provide unparalleled computing experiences to their users.

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Let’s take a closer look and see how they compare against each other in terms of speed, performance, user interface, stability, and software support. And finally, see Which one of these two is the best? Which one is more suitable for You? Zorin OS or Pop OS. Let’s jump right in.


  1. Unfortunately I can't get behind either of these distros when you know that Linux Mint is out there. If you want something flashy and off the beaten path, just fully commit and pick Garuda.

  2. I've been using popOS with the GNOME desktop environment. I like using the tiled windows. My experience has been good. I use it for productivity and a little bit of gaming on steam.

  3. Zorin did some type of update and broke my system. Seems to be a trend with Linux distros in general, so its a good idea to always backup your system.

  4. I have used Pop-OS for a couple of years, but I removed it from my systems after the fight that they engaged with the Gnome community.

    I am now happily using Fedora as my main OS. 🙂

  5. Not possible to compare them. Zorin OS use Ubuntu 20.04. An super old version. PopOS is using Ubuntu 22.04. you compare new against old 😂😂😂

  6. Ubuntu do not have performance mode in battery settings so I thinking of moving to pop os or zorin os. Which one is good?

  7. Maybe I am wrong here, but they are not based on the same Ubuntu version. Zorin 16.2 is still on Ubuntu 20.04, only Zorin 17 will (probably) be on Ubuntu 22.04.

  8. My Linux Journey :-
    1. Ubuntu (21 days) [***]
    2. Zorin OS (3 days) [***]
    3. Linux Mint Cinnamon (6 months) [*****]
    4. Feren OS (1 month) [****]
    5. Linux Mint XFCE (2 months) [****]
    6. Linux Mint Cinnamon (3 months) [*****]
    7. KDE Neon (2 months) [****]
    8. Kubuntu (3 months) [****]
    9. Manjaro (4 Days) [***]
    10. Fedora Gnome (2 months) [*****]
    11 . Fedora Gnome + KDE (8 months) [*****]
    12. Nobara Linux (3 days) [***]
    13. Fedora Gnome + KDE[main] (Currently Using) [*****]

  9. I've tried Ubuntu/Manjaro/PopOS/Fedora/ElementaryOS/Zorin, now I stick to Zorin since it looks good and all functionalities work well. Looking forward to this year's ZorinOS 17.

  10. I have tried both these linux distros and I love both of them…my one laptop has Pop os and the other has zorin. Zorin's colour theme is so relaxing.

  11. You can't even zoom in using touchpad in browser. Using ctrl +,- only either increases or decreases the scale. RIP linux

  12. Many years ago I tried Pop OS. It worked pretty well for games, but months down the line had several issues. Since I do do development, I also had MySQL installed. That ended up with a timer problem going back through Ubuntu to Debian where the bug originates from. This essentially caused the maximum timer point being moved out just before getting to it and that continued. Have not tried Pop OS since then. Borderlands Pre-Sequel ran faster on it than on Windows using the same hardware. Zorin gave me issues starting at the installer. It did not stay installed for long.

  13. I begin Linux with pop OS but then later, I’ve got some issue with an update and could not boot properly then I switched to Zorin and currently very happy, I’ve tried KDE and liked it but then switched back to zorin. 💜💜💜

  14. Zorin and PopOs both are good I have used them both as daily driver but somehow I feel they lack few things I know they are not perfect yet but still

  15. I was using Garuda for most of the last year but ended up having 1 or 2 probs (I think with dkms and also when recording certain games) so decided to see how Pop was doing now , after a few days I found that a couple of things were nagging at me a bit so then installed Zorin and I've been satisfied so far and everything I normally use is working perfectly . So in conclusion I would agree that right now Zorin is slightly better than Pop from a practical point of view , also I have installed Zorin on some PCs for other people and they have been totally satisfied despite being new to Linux 🙂

  16. I really need to give Zorin a try – I'm constantly trying out new distros whilst I tinker and extend the life of old computers (mostly Macs at the moment). I've been running a tweaked Pop OS on my secondary gaming computer with a CRT (it took some work to get that right). After using 'Tweaks' to customize Pop – I've been really loving it with the Nordic appearance and translucent menu bars, very modern Mac-esque.

    I've given Garuda a look again this week, as they just updated heavily. I have a 2015 iMac testing it out right now, and it is one potent Arch distro… I wouldn't recommend it to beginners, as I used to use the prior version as my daily and eventually I broke it in updates – still not sure what went down there… I never became fully comfortable with Arch, but I couldn't deny how well it ran – when it did, LOL.

  17. I have been using POP OS for several months. Auto updates. Lately I found that it freezes randomly or is painfully slow. Usually a reboot fixes it but there must be a permanent fix.

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