Delphi Murders. The Device

Delphi Murders. The Device

Delphi Murders. The Device

When the Kegan Kline interview transcript was uncovered I scrutinized every word. One thing that stood out to me was what appeared to be the interviewing investigators efforts to find a specific device. This device, if that’s what LE were after, may be what the Wabash River search over in Peru Indiana was all about. Lets talk about it.


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  1. Hey Sleuth, I'm part of the replay crew. Good chat. Randy Gravitt talked to Carrie at the funeral, and she said that Libby fought like hell.

  2. Kegan already knew the home of the ski mask incident. Maybe he searched the address because he didn’t know the house number & he was getting that info for someone else.

  3. The probation department is responsible for the pre-sentence interview (extensive) and recommendations. They’re involved from the beginning; nothing odd.

  4. What if KK is really not involved with the murders? It was only coincidence that he was chatting with the girls at that time. That a crime of opportunity appeared for a predator and he took it. Why no Gag for KK? Everyone else is gaged. KK willing to talk from his jail cell for money. RA totally unreachable. Others threatened with Contempt if they speak.

  5. In my opinion I believe kegan walked so long because they couldn’t access those accounts until Alex hacked them.. when he turned that stuff over it took a few months but the ball started rolling so to say..

  6. I think Keagen Kline gave Richard Allen up to LE and he was in on pornography ring. I think they wanted him in give up Tony but he wouldn’t do that so he rolled on Allen to get some of his charges dropped.

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