What Is an Oracle? | Psychic Abilities

What Is an Oracle? | Psychic Abilities

What Is an Oracle? | Psychic Abilities

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What is an Oracle? I think the most famous oracle that a lot of people have heard of is the oracle Delphi. Now, I happened to live in Greece for two years before I came here. I have been to Delphi. It is an extraordinary place. It is 2,000 feet up a mountain. It is magical, however, we’re not here to talk, chat about me, other than I have seen it.

It was a temple to Apollo. There are various ideas of exactly who and what the oracle was or did. I’m going to go with a classical version, that it was a woman, tended to be a simple woman from the countryside around, who was put into some sort of basket, shall we say, for argument’s sake, and suspended above a cleft in the rocks. There were fumes, apparently, coming out of this fissure in the mountain. We don’t know what was coming out of the mountain. If it was ethanol, that apparently gives rise to violent trances, however, what is known, apparently, (?) a long time ago, is that in this altered state this oracle spoke in tongues. This is interesting, at least I find it, which was then interpreted by the priests, to give messages to whomever.

So, who actually knows what was said, and how much was the interpretation of the priest? What I want to say about that, an oracle is a person who does not deal with the mundane. Well, yes and no. Doesn’t deal, shall we say, with the personal. Isn’t going to be telling you about your boyfriend or whatever. Deal with more world events. I do as well. I wouldn’t want to say I’m an oracle, but I suppose, technically, I am. What do I mean by that? I will tell you.
Every year, for the new year, for the last 25 years, I have done the world predictions for the New York Post. Now, a lot of them are wrong, however, there are a few, oh, probably more than a few, but we’ll talk just about a few, that will illustrate my point.


  1. Tips on how to increase my abilities or what kind of schooling in this world I would need to be taken seriously because everything I learned I learned strictly through meditation, and half the time I don't even know that I know stuff or information until I'm required to know it and then it will be accurate information but I have no clue how I knew it but how do I in this world not seem like I'm trying to be just some know-it-all off the streets for instance what accreditation or proof of certification or knowledge is required to enter into something a little more in this field. Like I do Cheryl readings but this is way deeper than that this is more wisdom versus spying type information I hope you're understanding what I'm trying to say and I'm trying to figure out how to further my gift or enhance it other than staring into the sun grounding with the Earth meditation and working with Spirit directly which is what I do, like how do I turn this into a way to serve and possibly even be compensated one day from this if I'd give her permission to do that or encouraged to do that. I hope you can get back to me with something I'm going to continue watching your contact and hopefully I'll find the answers I'm searching for him there

  2. Exactly that’s why I can spot fake psychics that talk about love because that’s not how the gift works lol. The universe gives you important downloads daily, in different ways too.

  3. I had a dream of a Woman the other day. We were going up a river and She said that I was the Oracle. She had the earth on her third eye and the universe around her crown chakra. I am very gifted so I’m confused at your point.

  4. I had a dream someone told me I was a Oracle 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thank you

  5. if you call (888)815-1999 they give you a free psychic reading. I met a medium who taught me a lot about myself

  6. Yes I have no interest in giving love life reading… I can give you the answer but I do find those kind of personal topics very very much mundane….however if you are interested in knowing thyself, your purpose and what your personal spirit team want to tell you then I am more than happy to do that than answering a question of- is he or she my soulmate or will he come back to me. Knowing thyself and your purpose will lead to the answers you seek on your love life. Also I give WORLD EVENT PRECOGNITIONS.

  7. Your not a oracle. If you were a oracle you would have never ever received money to use your abilities. Because all knowledge you get is from your godly like friends you have the ability to talk to. Do you think they care about money. Or you want for it. I am a real oracle. A gift you do not want. It’s very lonely as they will keep you from everything that take you away from them. When they find a human they can talk to they don’t let them go. So hope your not one

  8. Why does this look like a British comedy sketch? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be disrespectful but you could be a comedian as well.

  9. Yeah this might explain things to me why I keep getting weird words that pop up in my head that when I translate them on Google translation I find out there from other languages even some languages I don't understand. And I will often speak in other languages that I could swear I'm speaking gibberish and come to find out I'm just speaking other languages. I'll even it write down messages in other languages on paper. I do admit I do understand a little bit of Latin though. But I don't speak fluent Latin normally.

  10. I have finally found something about this. I was in a book and a magazine over the last 25 years of my short 37 years. There are world and universe type messages that I received and were published in the book in 2004. Most of those instances have happened. One major one that is coming is a meteor the size of Texas, and also the lava font explosion of Yellow Stone. Both of these are in the 2004 publication, and are now scientifically occurring. MY thing is I feel that an Oracle possess ancient soul to be placed here to assist with the high intensity training the Earth provides. I can use any tool for divination and assist people with that as well; however, the readings for people show in cycles and then usually clients do not follow the creative techniques that I get from the readings for them to progress. Do you believe that an Oracle possess all "clairs" meaning Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Clair-cognizance, and Clairvoyance? I am not sure if I am pulling different abilities from different past lives; however, I do also play 11 + instruments and I know that is a gift from a different life. I have been looking for a mentor since 2004, and it is hard to get assistance when you have true abilities. I would be able to progress and help people or science on a totally different level if I had someone that could read me and know exactly the lesson plan I need moving forward. So far the only thing I get is either I have to pay money, or I get negative association as the psychics see my gifts and think I will steal their livelihood. IF anyone can assist me please email or message me. jtdecoff1027@gmail.com The book I was in Conversations With The Children Of Now by Dr. Meg Blackburn-Loosey. The psychic magazine that I was in within the same issue as one of Sylvia Browne's last public appearances was 11:11 November 2010 issue. Thank you for reading this although I see most comments are a few years old. Hopefully you will see this.

  11. Oracles are born with ascended consciousness and can access knowledge humans cannot. You can call us human antennas born with ancient souls.

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