200IQ CS:GO Moment 🤯

200IQ CS:GO Moment 🤯

200IQ CS:GO Moment 🤯

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  1. That nickname was used by someone I know years and years ago. Nothing special!

  2. Lol when your ultra instinct is so good you have to talk it out so people don't think you're cheating.

  3. Very cool clip. Having the intuitive game sense is one thing, but being able to articulate it in real time is a whole ‘nother level. You’re going places in the future of esports, bro. We need to expand your presence. Who’s in your marketing department? They are slacking. You should be at the top of games content. You should be huge. We need another Joe Rogan podcast man. Keep it up!

  4. damn this is an old clip i remember it like yesterday, calling plays so perfectly is just so satisfying

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