Ernie Hudson praises Ghostbusters sequel script, says his character is "very much included"

Ernie Hudson praises Ghostbusters sequel script, says his character is "very much included"

Ernie Hudson praises Ghostbusters sequel script, says his character is "very much included"



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  1. What would be an even bigger treat is if Rick Moranis came back as Luis
    "Does anyone do your taxes?" 😂

  2. I had numerous issues with Afterlife, although enjoyed enough (Barr the third act) Hope this next one is good!

  3. For me personally….. no Ernie then I'm not interested in the further on of ghostbusters and just treasure the past.

  4. CAN'T wait to see the next Ghostbusters movie. I know I'm a nostalgia nerd, but I felt that Ghostbusters had so much to offer, and now it's finally happening.
    Hope they can include Ray and Venkman as well as Zeddemore. Introduce the "Extreme Ghostbusters"… So much potential.

  5. After the final scenes of the last movie it is obligatory for me that he is a anker in the next movie. Without Winston Zedmore I'm not half as invested/interested in the whole film.

  6. Ernie Hudson is a great actor and the character Winston is my second favorite (I like Egon) because he's grounded and well balanced. I hope he's got a much bigger role in the next one.

  7. Winston has always been my favorite Ghostbuster "When someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!" 🤘🤘

  8. Is Ernie reading these public quotes just for media usage? It's weird how Ernie's voice is reading these quotes.

  9. I'm so glad that Ernie Hudson felt for his years and I'm proud that Ernie Hudson might come back to the next Ghostbusters movie cause it wouldn't be the same without Ernie Hudson around

  10. Was i the only one who saw winston bring the ecto 1 back to the firehouse at the end of afterlife of course he's gonna be in it he's bankrolling the business.

  11. Luke was "very much included" in the force awakens too. That sentence means fuck all

  12. I’m proud of Ernie for saying how he’s felt for years, and I can’t wait to see what he does in the next film.

  13. As a kid I always considered Winston as important as the rest of the bunch. It is true that Columbia marketing has pushed Ernie aside for many years, and it feels just wrong. I hope he gets more to do in the next movie. He deserves it.

  14. Ego was the brains and tech,
    Ray was the heart of the team hope he comes back
    Peter kept it cool
    Winston was the backbone the go-to guy the muscle of the group

    Cause this new group is gonna need all the muscle they can get

  15. Winston is the heart of the team, and I’d like nothing more to see Ernie Hudson be the figurehead of the franchise and get paid really well for doing it. It makes me happy to see him happy about the role

  16. Bro…that Ernie Hudson AI voice is creepy as all hell 😬 lol. It's scary how quickly technology has advanced

  17. Yes, Winston the character will be in the sequel. I will not be surprised the studio decides for Winston to be recasted and played by a different actor.

  18. I’m curious to his statement about “Everybody’s back!” Is Dan & Bill going to be in this one too?

  19. This is precisely why people need to take a breather and chill before jumping to conclusions, when it comes to casting because even if we know certain returning characters are said to play important roles in future films, it's not always guaranteed. Schedules need to work out and contracts need to be finalized before anything because there's always a chance for these things not working out in the favors for some (if not all) of these people. That's why when I first heard about Ernie's uncertainty of coming back in the wake of the sequel's filming close to happening, I wasn't worried because I knew right then things weren't yet set in stone and people went into panic mode in the comments on the last video. So let's all just calm down and wait for everything to fall into place before putting our chests lol

    Not to mention, the fact that he said "Everyone is back" is a clear sign he won't be the only OG character coming back.

  20. Ernie Hudson needs to be a part of it at all the Ghostbusters he's the youngest one of the bunch it could be there for the sebel future we're two or three more ghostbuster movies. 👍👻👻👻👻👻 And one more thing the other tech guy from the original Ghostbusters wanted wore those famous goggles everyone talks about and Bill Murray.

  21. He better be. He definitely deserves more of the spotlight after being shafted for so long. Winston 'deserves' to be included.

  22. Afterlife did end with him in the firehouse after all.
    Are you really AI for his voice?

  23. Here's to The Real Ghostbusters for a 5 year run that managed to delve into the backstory of each character. Yes, even Winston Zeddemore. I highly recommend MOANING STONES, a great Winston-centric episode from the syndicated run of TRG. Let's just say that the African Slave Trade gets a brief mention. A no-no topic for the ABC approved episodes.

  24. Good to know that Ernie is on board. Really hope that Dan and Bill are coming back as well.

  25. It wouldn’t be ghostbusters without Winston. He and Egon are my favorites

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