Introduction to Security with Group Policy Objects and Organizational Units in Windows Server 2012

Introduction to Security with Group Policy Objects and Organizational Units in Windows Server 2012

Introduction to Security with Group Policy Objects and Organizational Units in Windows Server 2012

Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: April 17, 2013
Length of Class: 26:25
Research Assistance:
Windows Server 2012
Purpose of Class
Class Notes
Organizational Units are used to Group Users and Computers together so that you can assign Security to them easily
GPO’s or Group Policy Objects are the actual Security Policies that will be assigned.
Security and Permissions are different things.
GPO’s allow you to do things such as restrict the usage of Task Manager from some users regardless of which computer they log into, or to map a specific drive whenever a user logs in.
Process to Create and Assign GPO’s
Create an Organizational Unit
Move User or Computer Into OU
Create GPO
Assign OU to GPO
Group Policy Management
Right Click “Group Policy Objects” and Select “New”
Give Name to GPO Click “OK”
In Right hand Window Right Click new GPO and Select “Edit”
Edit GPO to your needs
In Left Pane Right Click your Domain Name and Select “New Organizational Unit”
Give Name and Click “OK”
In Left Pane Right Click new Organizational Unit and Select “Link an Existing GPO”
Select GPO You want to be linked
Open Active Directory Users and Computers from Server Manager dashboard
Go to Users Folder
Right Click the User you want to be controlled by the Organizational Unit and Select “Move”
Select Organizational Unit from Folder Tree and Click “OK”
Go to CLIENT Computer (Windows 8,7,Vista)
Log in as User and GPO should be in Effect (If user is currently logged in, Log them Out and then back in)
Lab Setup Used in Demonstration
The ETCG Host Computer Specs are:
ASUS Model: CM6870US01
16 GB of RAM
1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
i7 3.4 GHz Intel Processor
Windows Server 2012 Machine
Virtual Machine
AD, DNS and DHCP have been setup
Domain has been created
Networking Configuration in VirtualBox = Internal
Windows 8 Machine
Virtual Machine
Already a member of the Domain (
Networking Configuration in VirtualBox = Internal


  1. How can I assign in Organization Unit for groupa because what if we have 10 000 users should we one by one add to Organization unit, I have tried to add group in Organization Unit but it does not work

  2. The best online teacher ever!!! Thanks to let users understand better all tech experience Eli….

  3. still gold teaching! i flashed back when he said kazaa and napster! 2021 and i am learning windows server

  4. I was in Security and now I jumped in IT, and I am learning from his videos in 2021. Great Teacher.

  5. LMFAO when he said "when you newbies think about hackers you think about the chinese, the indians….."

  6. Eli the genius guy, thanks for all this stuff, we become IT because of you bro 🌹🌹

  7. your explaining abilities is very funny, i understand all things you said and also enjoy full video .. 🙂

  8. I have a question about Organizational Unit, GPO can only assign to Organizational Unit?

  9. i want to set a DC and control rest of the users, groups, OU etc from it. Is there a specific order in which I should watch your videos OP 😀

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