How are the Credit Suisse crisis and Silicon Valley Bank collapse connected? | DW News

How are the Credit Suisse crisis and Silicon Valley Bank collapse connected? | DW News

How are the Credit Suisse crisis and Silicon Valley Bank collapse connected?  | DW News

European markets are appearing to rebound after Switzerland’s embattled bank Credit Suisse secured a big financial lifeline from the Swiss National Bank. Concerns over the troubled lender had earlier sent Asian stock markets falling.


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  1. Might not it be better to pre-record the interviews then edit out the undesirable bits than cut off the guest in mid-sentence the moment he starts pulling back the curtain?

  2. at least he gave an honest answer if there is a bank run and they run out of money they just close their doors and the customers are screwed

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  4. Some economists have projected that both the U.S. and parts of Europe could slip into a recession for a portion of 2023. A global recession, defined as a contraction in annual global per capita income, is more rare because China and emerging markets often grow faster than more developed economies. Essentially the world economy is considered to be in recession if economic growth falls behind population growth.

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  6. We need to let the banks die, and let the shareholders pay. stop private gambling.

  7. Interest rate is currently at 4.75%(8th rate hike since March last year) Inflation at 7% and mortgage rates is at over 7.5% but yet minimum wage remains the same and my retirement portfolio has suffered tremendously these past years, so my question is how do senior citizens retire and live off such unstable economy. The long term game is obviously not for me at this point.

  8. Makes you wonder..Is this the beginning of something a lot more serious? Like a reset? Guess we'll find out

  9. The banks steal your money and invest it. They get greedy and can't put your money back

  10. The Swiss Franc is fiat currency and tied to certain stocks. The SNB's top holdings include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (Google/YouTube), Tesla (the Elon), Nvidia, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, United Health Group filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed.

  11. CS are like that friend who is an absolute liability every time you go out for a drink. Ruins it for everyone.

  12. I told it might be deadly for the Switzerland to violate its 200 year old political neutrality. I told investments and deposits will start to vanish.

  13. Being a Greek and being completely broke since forever, these news should make laugh. But I do care about my fellow humans. So my wish is for all of you to get out of this with your lives unaffected. Mine and my family's life got destroyed during the Greek financial crisis. I eat toast bread 15 days a month. And not even toasted.

  14. "David Herro Sells Entire Stake in Credit Suisse"
    "Credit Suisse's departing CEO Thomas Gottstein wasn't forced out of the bank, chairman says"
    "Credit Suisse CEO says 'completely unacceptable' numbers show why overhaul is needed" on YouTube
    Watch "David Herro Sells Entire Stake in Credit Suisse" on YouTube

  15. The panic reactions with regard to the two banks mentioned in the clip were not linked – there is no evidence that all of the reaction was coordinated.

  16. The panic centred on Credit Suisse was not triggered by the management but by the comments made by the principle investor.

  17. after all the hype about Ch.ina's numbered days of total coll.apse, turns out it started in a merica, AGAIN… just like any other global financial crisis in the history, it all started by a merican G R E E D…

  18. The recent bank bailout serves as a timely reminder for businesses to diversify their financial holdings and mitigate risk. It is essential to allocate funds proportionately across multiple investments to prevent significant losses in case of any financial turmoil or market downturn. I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $138k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  19. Is Russian economy stronger than US? I don't see any Russian Banks collapsing.


  21. Credit Swisse issued ETN for oil and then devalued the notes until people sold at losses and Credit Swisse Bank stole the money but today My God has vengeance for every thousand dollars they stole God permitted them to lose a billion dollars per thousand! My God got vengeance on Credit Swisse Bank! Hallelujah thanks Jesus!

  22. Classical case of Western Hypocrisy at play. Irony is BIS ( Bank for International Settlements) situated in Basel, Switzerland issues diktats to all central banks across the world to follow their norms to ensure banks don't fail.

    But now, I think, they forgot to implement it in their own country, alas Switzerland is neutral..

    Put your house in order Europe and AMERICA, before preaching others.

  23. I think big banks think they can do whatever they want because in the end they feel the government will bail them out. They are cruel to average citizens yet they are worse at managing than the average citizen.

  24. After pharmacia took turns to rob tax payers' money, now it's the banksters. What a horror. I wish there are exorcists can cast out frauds & scams like them from this world.

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  26. My whole life changed with the help of Maskoffaid website they funded my PayPal account with a transfers of over $4,000

  27. Yep the us has lots of players for example gamer’s cryptocurrency and gain a dysfunction folk have mercy no ko on their Tera SHE ma ma.

  28. I moved my two 401k accounts to money market funds today. 2023 won't be better than 2022 any time soon. Save your money and reinvest in growth after this boils over.

  29. What!!!!! You cut the guy just went it was reflecting on the increasing rise of the interest rates and why he is surprise is not being more. Leave your Geist finish rounding up the point. Terrible anchoring and producing on the studio 😡

  30. I don't believe what he is saying. There's much more to it. There could be a link to technological industry.

  31. Nothing like a good ole World War to get the economy going in the right direction. The war machine is turning.

  32. Of course they are . Greedy politicians and banker have extremely good lifes … isn't it ?? Coincidence?? Indont think so … Russia is a white rabbits I front of usa and EU corruption

  33. Saying this only applies to the banking sector is like Saying the living sector is in danger if the earth blows up.


  35. 6:30 BS. There is no 'coordinated' bankrun. The banks didn't learn any lesson from 2008 because they weren't punished.

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