How to encrypt and decrypt text in Delphi

How to encrypt and decrypt text in Delphi

How to encrypt and decrypt text in Delphi

The process of encrypting text is very easy, but be careful, with this method you can easily struggle getting it to decrypt…

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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – The Form And Files
02:31 – Basic Program Code
08:20 – Encrypting Text
15:00 – Decrypting Text
21:43 – Running The Program
23:10 – Outro

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  1. What a waste of space. Some clown thinks he has better encryption routines than the Russians or the NSA ?
    Use a proper encryption library for goodness sake.

  2. Id suggest to use Tstringlists delimitedtext property, with delimiter set to space. Then you can easily cycle through each letter (its encoded numerical value) as "for sDec in *name of stringlist variable* do…"

  3. Hey I'd love to have an array. Where would would I add it and what would it be for?

  4. Steve do you know where i can get the codes for chapter 4 for the data files from delphi grade 11 I need It for exams

  5. Thank you soo much I'm in 11th grade I had to do a encrypting and decrypting project and this worked thank you sir

  6. @Steve's teacher Dude if your Delphi IDE starts you out with "Form2" all you have to do is go into the default projects directory and delete everything then re-open Delphi back up and create a new project and it will put you back to Form1 as it should be. Just thought i would let you know.

  7. Why must the decryption text be in a file, isn't there a way to put it on the form

  8. When you actually have a good teacher that will most likely watch these videos to see if we copied anything

  9. Tysm, you're a lifesaver. I have an IT PAT task due on monday and this really helped alot(^///^)

  10. Hey bro when I tried to test the code, there was an error saying "expected INITIALIZATION but received end"

  11. HI steve will you be able to share the code with us on something like google drive as a .txt file

  12. Hey how are you doing do you know how to display the encryption and decryption code in the Delphi program

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