WWE 2k23 Steam Deck Gameplay

WWE 2k23 Steam Deck Gameplay

WWE 2k23 Steam Deck Gameplay

Here I play WWE 2K23 on the Steam Deck 64GB version and share the settings running. Hope you like the video.

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  1. I just started playing WWE 2k22 MyRise on my 64gb steam deck. The only thing I do to keep it from crashing randomly is by playing the game in offline mode. I don't know if 2k23 was made with steam deck in mind but I'm glad to see some improvements being made. Gonna pick this up in the future.

  2. Almost steady 60fps? NBA2k23 plays great on SD, so good to see this 2k runs just as good

  3. Sami Zayn aka El Generico in Ring of Honor w/mask – "Blue Thunder Bomb" & "Yakuza Kick" (in the corner)

  4. I still don’t get why they can’t make this game for the switch if they can make it for steam deck. At least AEW is coming to the switch. Props to them.

  5. just started playing about an hour ago…..um yea this runs damn good….and looks um yeah really good

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