OpenWRT – Configure PPPoE with VLAN

OpenWRT – Configure PPPoE with VLAN

OpenWRT - Configure PPPoE with VLAN

In this video, we are going to setup PPPoE on OpenWRT with VLAN. Some Internet service providers runs their PPPoE server or DHCP server on a specific VLAN and we need to setup this VLAN on the router in order to be able to establish the connection to their end. For example, Unifi from Malaysia runs PPPoE server on VLAN 500 and Viettel from Vietnam runs their PPPoE server on VLAN 35.
It is very easy to have this configured. First, go to the Switch section and create the WAN VLAN accordingly. Make sure the WAN port is on tagged status. After that, create an PPPoE interface from the newly created VLAN, fill in the PAP/CHAP information and you should be good to go.
Please also note that if you are using a GPON router, you should turn the GPON router to bridge mode and setup the PPPoE client on the OpenWRT router.

Video timeframe:

00:00 – Introduction about OpenWRT PPPoE with VLAN
00:38 – Devices overview – GPON router bridge mode vs. Modem
01:27 -VLAN setup for WAN interface
02:30 – PPPoE interface creation
04:11 – Speedtest
04:50 – OpenWRT Wifi Setup
07:04 – PPPoE with VLAN on x86 computer

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