OpenWRT – Configure PPPoE with VLAN

OpenWRT – Configure PPPoE with VLAN

OpenWRT - Configure PPPoE with VLAN

In this video, we are going to setup PPPoE on OpenWRT with VLAN. Some Internet service providers runs their PPPoE server or DHCP server on a specific VLAN and we need to setup this VLAN on the router in order to be able to establish the connection to their end. For example, Unifi from Malaysia runs PPPoE server on VLAN 500 and Viettel from Vietnam runs their PPPoE server on VLAN 35.
It is very easy to have this configured. First, go to the Switch section and create the WAN VLAN accordingly. Make sure the WAN port is on tagged status. After that, create an PPPoE interface from the newly created VLAN, fill in the PAP/CHAP information and you should be good to go.
Please also note that if you are using a GPON router, you should turn the GPON router to bridge mode and setup the PPPoE client on the OpenWRT router.

Video timeframe:

00:00 – Introduction about OpenWRT PPPoE with VLAN
00:38 – Devices overview – GPON router bridge mode vs. Modem
01:27 -VLAN setup for WAN interface
02:30 – PPPoE interface creation
04:11 – Speedtest
04:50 – OpenWRT Wifi Setup
07:04 – PPPoE with VLAN on x86 computer

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  1. I can't thank you enough for this video. It was extremely helpful and I managed to make my glinet router work successfully. THANK YOU 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. what if we want to find the ip that we want from the ISP. is there any config for auto connect and disconnect dial pppoe?

  3. Hi, i have mikrotik as main server, in the mikrotik i have setting pppoe and vlan 20 hotspot in one interface
    I want to make openwrt showing 2 ssid for private using pppoe connection and guest will connect to hotspot mikrotik
    How to setup
    Thanks 🙏🏻

  4. hello my friend your videos are unbelievable but i'm still confused I have a router that works in bridge mode and from behind a linksys router with a switch, which video should I watch so that I can set up the network properly

  5. Hi, my ISP requires the VLAN QoS value to 1. Protocol IEEE 802.1p. Is it possible to set it in OpenWRT?

  6. Hello, mình dùng mang viettel, không có IPTV thì khi Bridge và quay PPPOE mình đâu cần vlan 35 phải không ad? Nhờ ad thông não giúp, cảm ơn ad nha.

  7. How can you setup DHCP protocol on the VLAN? and how can you set the priority on any given VLAN? I have to set priority 0 for my VLAN (1074), and it has to have activated the DHCP protocol, but I'm not finding that setting. Also, in the switch settings, I've two CPU columns and I don't know if I've to tag them for both Ethernet and WAN or if i've got to set one for eth and the other one for wan.

    Thank you so much in advance and thank you for your videos, they're great.

  8. Hi,another great idea. Looks simple but I have problem. I can't get internet? I can see the WAN has tx/rx activity, but no ipv6, maybe my setting has problem. Please help. FYI, my previous setting for the router is as AP mode.

  9. Hi Bro, I am using NanoPi R2S, and there is a multi dial method, where you can create more VLAN, and multidial PPPOE to increase the bandwidth. This method works, if ISP don't block the multiple login with same ID. Can you show a video tutorial on this topic? I think your OPENWRT can also create multi wan.

  10. Hello Van Tech, I have a question perhaps you can answer. My internet speed test on is kind of weird. First off, I have 1000gbps download and 50mbps upload per my ISP (Xfinity/Comcast). When I go to do a speed test on wireless (wlan) with my local ISP as the testing server selected) my ping is 9/jitter is 1.1 (which is fine I think but I’m not sure), my download and upload speeds are also fine but what’s weird is that at the beginning the download and uploads starts off slow then go to the actual speeds (on my graph it’s not a straight line like yours, it stays straight for a second or two, goes down a tiny bit then goes to up like yours). Basically my graph looks messed up at the first half then the second hall looks like yours. Idk I feel like my wireless config is messed up.

    Do you what WhatsApp or somewhere I can message you privately (except for fb because I don’t have one)? I can pay you in ETH or any crypto, cash, or help get you a vaccine (I’m a physician). If you could help me out I’d really appreciate it — tired of googling for answers and no one I know IRL has ever heard of OpenWRT so I can’t ask anyone for help either. Thank you for your awesome videos.

  11. I dont have Switch option in Network menu so sad, It's so hard to config vlan by linux command

  12. Can you kindly share the model number of the Huawei ONT you showed at last in the sequence where you mention of ONTs (around 1:07) that you says as already configured by ISP in bridge mode with your D-Link openwrt router? Thanks.

  13. các bạn làm thêm phụ đề tiếng việt cho người việt thì tốt quá

  14. bạn ơi mình cài Openwrt trên một cái mini pc x86 mà nó không có cái tab switch thì phải làm sao vậy bạn 🙁

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