1. Thank you! This is actually easy to understand shorts about gaming. Can you explain the easiest way for 1% lows as well?

  2. this is just a simplified and abstracted explanation of what bottleneck is. average gamer couldn't possibly identify if his computer is cpu or gpu throttled going by thig guide, and he certainly doesn't care about technicalities and jargon of bottleneck.

  3. According to mw2 benchmark my cpu is bottlenecking 98% and gpu 5%. It wasn't doing this a little while ago. I don't know how to fix it without replacing the cpu which i'd rather not do.

  4. Can’t believe I finally found a place that explains bottlenecking in a way that I can understand.

  5. So CPU isn’t affected at all by factors like graphics fidelity or resolution what does it get most affected by then? Anyway seems like a pretty good concept now with any new game you can run at super low settings (720P) to see your CPU limit and then scale up your graphics setting to try to find the gpu sweet spot from there

  6. Oh god what did that poor CPU do to deserve being brutally disfigured like that

  7. How do I know which cpu doesn't bottleneck my gpu? I just bought RTC3060ti but my cpu is Ryzen 5 3500x. Do I need to upgrade, cus when I play soem games like miencraft my fps drops alot. Thank you.

  8. Okay what if cpu is capped at 120 FPS then I can’t do shi because my computer is from 1999

  9. People need to understand that this is just a basic level of understanding bottlenecks

  10. what if you remove gpu and only play with cpu? that way you'll be getting 500 fps regardless of resolution you're playing

  11. 0:00 this is exactly what my CPU looked like after I "accidently" removed my CPU while cleaning my PC and tried to insert it back into the motherboard without opening the socket first.. since this day I'm running my CPU with 2 less pins but it still works so w/e.

  12. Hm all my pins on the cpu are straight. I should bend them like that for better performance?

  13. So how do I know which to upgrade, if i wish for the least amount of bottleneck?

  14. So that's why when I change my resolution my FPS doesn't increase. Thank you so much!

  15. I have a suggestion for future videos, I know it's hard enough to condense videos and the picture to fit 1 minute in 16/9 but the bottom "4K" text, graph and so on is cut off by the comments, like, etc. buttons. I know what you're doing is still pretty thankless but it's good to keep this in mind

  16. There is also input latency. When GPU is pegged at 99%, there is higher input latency compared to when GPU is capped at 80% usage, for example, with a fps cap. Optimum Tech did a video on the topic.

  17. Ok, this is actually the best way to explain bottlenecks to new gamers. Thank you for this!

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