SUITS Script Reading // ATX TV Festival // Season 6

After six seasons of smooth-talking, case-closing twists & turns, we’re going back to where it all began: Pearson Hardman.


  1. What great chemistry. That’s why it’s one of the few series that held my attention through all 9 seasons.

  2. i just finished this series it was wow, but from the first episode til the last, whole intro the song and everything about it was so bad. i gave it time, i tought i just have to get used to it and with time i will like it, well i did not. its so bad it kept irritating me the whole time. as someone who watched more than 40 series i can say this was one of the worst ones if not the worst, also comparing it to the actual serie its worse since this is such a fantastic serie.

  3. I want people to know my honest opinion about this series, and is that is is a very underrated series really, because there hasnt been any huge nominations to all the talented and amazing cast and crew who made this happen. In my view, i feel those who played Louis, Donna, Mike, Rachel, Jessica and Harvey, should get emmy nominations. I feel the its a corrupt hollywood sometimes. Im harsh but this series deserved BAFTA and Emmys, and golden globes. This is now one of my favorite series. Im so happy and touched that Harvey and Donna married in the end. And i knew all along they would end up together. They are so ment to be seriously! <3 Pretty cool how Megan who played Rachel is married to a prince now. 😉 But then again. Royals are just as us. Its only status.

  4. Amoooo Suits, porque todos os seriados ou filmes tem um personagem onde me chama mais atenção, mas em Suits eu amooo todos os personagens. Cada um com sua complexidade, com sua importância para o Drama. Todos são ótimos no que fizeram, pena que acabou! Comecei por causa de Harvey e por causa de Mike, mas Louis , Dona Meu Deus! Jessica, não tem o que falar, não deixou a deseja. Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho.

  5. Mike Ross( crowd cheers )Megan read her lines just like she did her lines on screen. And Gina did to. Her voice is impeccable

  6. Love this series watched it numerous times. My favorite Mike, Donna and Harvey. They made this series worth watching. Best couple in a tv series ever is Darvey. They should get their own spin off show. I volunteer to help write it for free..❤️👍🏼🌟

  7. Patrick J Adams shows an amazing dynamic. His tone and articulation are excellent. Can't wait for his new projects

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