setTimeout + Closures Interview Question 🔥 | Namaste 🙏 JavaScript Ep. 11

Check out the most frequently asked (setTimeout + Closures in a loop) hot trending JS Interview question. 🔥This question will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of Closures and will also help you in your frontend/full stack/ web development interview. We will start with an easy JS question and slowly move to the hard and tricky interview question.

If you are giving web developer interviews actively, there are high chances that you might find this question in your frotend developer interview. Candidates have faced this question in their interviews for Amazon, Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft and many other big tech firms.

The only request is to watch this Episode of Namaste JavaScript with full attention. 🙏

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00:00 – Introduction – setTimeout & Closures Interview Question
00:19 – Code Begins – Easy Question
03:12 – How setTimeout actually works in JS
04:45 – Most asked Tricky JS Interview Question
06:58 – Importance of Closures
10:15 – Solution to the problem
12:45 – Extension of the interview question
16:50 – Teaser of the next video
17:11 – Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript 🙏

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