Dos Card Game Rules and Gameplay Demo

Dos is the followup to Uno, but the rules are a lot more complex. Once you know what you can do and what each move does, …


  1. What happens if you make a double match (e.g. play a 3 and a 4 on a 7) but only one of them matches the color and not the other?

  2. Thank you so much for explaining this game slowly. It really helps. All the other youtubers don't explain the discard pile. I know now. Thank you.

  3. Looks like we managed to get most of the rules just from reading. Except the ability to play a card if no matches are possible. T

  4. Just picked up a copy. This video was a lifesaver, the rules as written are a little murky on how adding cards to the center row works. This cleared it up perfectly 😁

  5. My aunt bought Different kinds of uno, the original and the uno flip and the bts uno And dos the dos was given to me and the other different uno was given to my cousin's and they know how to play their kind of uno but i didn't know how to play my dos i thought it has the same rules as uno so i played it like uno and after that i won (ofc im good at uno) and i was curious about dos and searched it on yt and i saw this and i kinda feel dumb rn

  6. Bought this out of my local store for a family game night which turned into 4 confused people, I'll share my findings with them

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, question….if you you have two separate color matches, not a double, can you throw out one card for each color match?

  8. So from my understanding of the game you can only do 2 moves in your turn. Not 3. So when you played both 5’s and the 6 you cheated.

  9. Goodness, I came here to see if I bought the real ones or a fake DOS.
    Unfortunately, I bought the fake ones. What do I expect anyway? I bought them for $0.80 online. Mannnnnn atleast I have them cards 😂

  10. Hey – (trying to get my head around this game as well) – based on the rules at 2mins only a single card is added to the Centre Row and the Left (right to you) player would draw one

  11. I really messed up grabbing the wrong uno cards 😖 and due to #covid19 u can't return them😢 so I still don't understand how to play. I think I'm going to make up my own game… these are # draw fours for me. I don't like these cards 😭😭😭

  12. Uno and dos
    Solitaire: Im better I know the world has 7 billon ppl
    Uno and dos: wait cards don’t talk
    All: turns back to normal

  13. You only play 2 cards per turn. You can't add 2 cards on one and then one or two cards on the other. As for color matches, if you get both, you only add one of your cards to the center row.

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