C# – Tutorial for Beginners in 15 MINUTES! – [ 2022 COMPLETE ]

Start coding with this 15-minute CSharp tutorial (2022) or C# tutorial (2022) in no time!!! Learn how to code in c# (2022). 🔥MORE at https://theskillsfactory.com/
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Start coding with this 15-minute CSharp tutorial (2022) or C# tutorial (2022) in no time!!! Getting started, basics.


Understand the default namespaces and classes:

Learn more about C# methods and objects:

Get official tutorials from Microsoft:

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Open C# with an IDE
01:27 Default C# Statements
02:45 Running Script
02:52 Variables
03:53 Concatenations
04:14 Commenting
04:42 Math Operations
05:07 User Input
05:43 IF & ELSE Conditionals
06:42 SWITCH Cycle
07:27 FOR Cycle
08:20 WHILE Cycle
08:52 DO Cycle
09:10 Arrays
10:12 Void Methods
11:13 Methods with Inputs
11:36 Methods with Outputs
12:02 System Namespace
12:29 How to Manage Long Scripts
13:25 Objects
14:19 Sample C# Script

C# (known as C-Sharp) is a general purpose object-oriented programming language well spread and used in loads of different fields including web applications, desktop applications and web services. It works with IDE editors, such as Visual Studio with .NET frameworks installed. Discover it with this super short tutorial of only 15 minutes and realize your first .exe application!!

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