How to Program in C# – BASICS (E01)

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  1. Where's the place to learn a new language if you are already experienced with several other programming languages?
    This is a bit too basic.

  2. Hi. I want to make a game in which I want that enemy jump toward me when my Player reaches a specific point. Please help me

  3. Ok idk if this is gonna get a response but like everytime i make a text at first it works



    Here it crashes or stops





  4. just a little problem, from the start of the video, it shows how you ran the "Hello World" simply in that terminal window, but for me, when I run it, it shows a bunch of code stuff, while a whole paragraph of it, before showing "Hello World" for me, I'm using a MacBook, and dk if that's normal for those using MacBooks, but if not, how do you remove all that coding paragraph.. thx

  5. my program.cs file does not have the main method typed in by default but it still runs functions like Console.WriteLine without the method should i be concerned? (it just had Console.WriteLine("Hello world") written in nothing else) is it fine to run the code without the main method?

  6. Hey guys, if anyone else is still watching this video, I need some help.
    I wrote this code to recreate some kind of login screen to a confidential network.
    Can anyone try and find an error in this code? For some reason it isn't executing the Console.ReadLine(); bit at the end and is just closing the program after I press a key, after the "what is the passcode" string.

    Console.Title = "The Matrix";

    Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;

    Console.WriteLine("Welcome to the *******. What is your name?");


    Console.WriteLine("You must provide the passcode given to you by ** to access the network.");

    Console.WriteLine("What is the passcode?");


    Console.WriteLine("Incorrect. You have 2 more attempts to provide the correct passcode.");

  7. For some reason I follow everything and still it says there's some dll file missing when I try to run debugging, always happens when I try to get it to run in the external terminal, can't get it to run externally at all! Could this be some sort of antivirus protection? The first time I tried it it did pop up that it had scanned it, but it said it was safe and could continue to run! What happened!?! Is it just because it's been two years and the program you use to code has changed since then? I know it definitely looks a bit different!

  8. I have a passion for computers and technology and like to learn how things work, learning how to program has been on my bucket list for some time now. So tutorials like these are a blessing

  9. Wow thanks alot, im hoping to become a level designer in games someday, so im studying coding from now, this helps alot, and you werent lying, its seems scary at first, but its very easy 🙂

  10. Console.WriteLine("A human after a genocide route entered…");

    Console.ReadLine(); // The last corridor

    Console.WriteLine("they encountered Sans! and then, they had…");

    Console.ReadLine(); // A BAD TIME

    Console.WriteLine("Sans used…");

    Console.ReadLine(); Special attack

    Console.WriteLine("and then the human died!");



  11. A method ive found really helps me understand it not just copy it down without learning anything is taking notes as I go in the style of a tutorial to myself. That way I have to explain what everything does and why I'm doing it as I follow the tutorial, so I make absolutely certain I grasp it well enough that I'd be able to explain it to someone before moving on to the next step, and if I ever forget anything I can go back and read my own definition of everything in terms specific to how I learn and understand things.

  12. I am so sad because the new terminal in windows 11 will not let me do a lot of this, I would appreciate if you could make an updated tutorial for how to do this on windows 11.

  13. when i try to run it, it fails and says "launch: program 'C:UsersprivateDesktopMy Awesome ProgrambinDebugnet6.0My Awesome Program.dll' does not exist

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