Best Web Hosting for WordPress (2020) 🚀

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In this video, we discuss the 4 most popular types of hosting solutions for WordPress then compare the 2 of the most commonly used: shared hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting based on 8 components.

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The main types of hostings that are discussed in this video are:

✅Dedicated hosting
✅VPS hosting
✅Shared hosting
✅Managed WordPress hosting

The components that should be used for choosing a hosting platform include:
1. Speed
2. Security
3. Backup
4. Elasticity
5. Uptime
6. Support
7. Complementary tools
8. Pricing

00:00 Best Web Hosting For WordPress
00:40 How websites are being hosted?
01:34 Hosting Types
01:42 What is Dedicated Hosting?
02:40 What is VPS Hosting?
03:59 What is Shared Hosting?
05:12 What is Managed Hosting?
05:46 Comparison of shared hosting and managed hosting
07:47 8 Components for choosing a hosting platform
12:49 Pricing of popular hosting providers
14:33 GoDaddy Pricing Plan
16:05 HostGator Pricing Plan
17:25 BlueHost Pricing Plan
18:15 10Web Pricing Plan
19:31 Speed of popular hosting providers
19:40 HostGator Speed Test
20:39 GoDaddy Speed Test
22:40 BlueHost Speed Test
23:06 10Web Speed Test
25:23 8 Components’ Comparison Table

➡️Check out the video to find out how some very popular hosting providers perform based on those 8 components!

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