Godot C# Community Game Jam (Review!)

I did a test stream on Sunday the 13th of November. I used that as a way to try something new and also do what I promised by making a video reviewing every game submitted to the Godot C# Game Jam. It was the first time for this jam, hosted by yours truely. It may be a bit late but I kept my word and got this out before the voting period ended! The footage here is edited down from the stream. If you want to see the full stream, it is archived on my channel’s “Live” section.

While streaming I didn’t realize that my microphone audio was so gross! I’m sorry about that! I did my best to repair it in my editor, but it’s still a bit rough. I figured out the problem and future videos and streams will not have the same issues!

Jump to anything specific if you like:
0:00 Intro
3:05 Tamer Clicker
22:24 Robotic Hell
34:36 Closing & Future Plans