React Course – Beginner's Tutorial for React JavaScript Library [2022]

Learn React by building eight real-world projects and solving 140+ coding challenges. You can also follow this course …


  1. Many thanks for sharing our course, freeCodeCamp! ❤️⚡️

    The fully interactive version of the course is available here (it's completely free!): 👉 ⚛️

    We also share tutorials & career advice for new devs over on our YouTube channel, so give us a follow if that sounds like it's up your street 🛣✨

  2. I set up the first project as shown at 10:30, but it will not run on Chrome if I just open index.html in the browser as a static file. It gives the error:

    Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'file:///C:/my/folder/first-react/index.js' from origin 'null' has been blocked by CORS policy: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, chrome-untrusted, https, isolated-app.

    This is because the standalone Babel is trying to submit all "text/babel" scripts via XMLHttpRequest, which Chrome has blocked in pages opened as 'file://' as a security measure.

    To run the first-react project correctly in Chrome, you will need to set up a web server (e.g. Express) that renders index.html at one of its endpoints.

    The issue has been documented on React's GitHub here:

    A pull request was submitted to update the documentation to warn users about this issue here:

    As of this writing the pull request has not yet been merged into the documentation.

  3. Watched up to 46 mins and understood how it works at a basic level, my only concern now is, how much did the syntax change since this is like uploaded 8 months ago.

  4. Not the greatest tutorial. Talks about random stuff. Have an intro and then get to it ! And dont expect everyone to know stuff we never heard of like scrimbo

  5. Thanks Bob-am just starting off with ReactJs BUT before 19.22-How do you link the 2 files index.html& index.js so that the latter can be shown in index.html-because am not seeing include statement anywhere in those files

  6. This is going absolutely amazing so far, getting my hands on the keyboard and trying out the challenges has been a complete success in developing my react skills. Without a doubt, the best beginner friendly react course that leads to expert level react skills.

  7. I used first vidoe to learn years back, The first video was the best of all and I also recommending it in our organisation, even when we are no more using class component, I still told my people you're the best in explain the reactJS concept, when I noticed you have release the new one, baba, you're the best, kudo to you, I really appreciate your effort

  8. I really enjoyed the course. It explains stepwise the complex things starting from easy small pieces. I am considering to switch my career from embedded developer to full stack and I love this course and what I did during it.

  9. One of the most finest and exemplified courses you might find on Reactjs online, and that too for free! The modern tech is apparently enough for having you blow off your conscious, I learnt the best framework out there from the best instructor while sitting in the comforts of my home from I don't know how many miles away. 🙂 <3

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