C# Developer Career Path Guide (ZERO TO HIRED)

C# developer career path guide Private C#/.NET coaching starting at $50/Month: https://www.patreon.com/teddysmithdev C# …


  1. Damn…im not complaining but react AND angular?? Holy molly…besides to utilize for example react to its full potential you need to know CSS and HTML at a pretty good level which is knowing box model, flexbox, grid perfectly which takes some time and a lot of practice.

    Also keeping in your head all those languages, frameworks, concepts is quite difficult…once you're done with react and move to C# by the time you're done with basics of C# I guarantee you will most likely forget most of the things about react and CSS, JS lol so you will start panicking going back and forth.

    Basically to learn all this if you're just an average joe you need at a minimum 6 months of hardcore 5-8h grind every single day and that is if you got a perfect roadmap laid out for you and you have some basic knowledge about programming and preferably web development otherwise except a year or even more.

  2. I love that you noted about personal health. Longevity, so much as it depends on us, is huge! Making sure our programs, and our bodies and minds, run as efficiently as possible ❤

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I needed this so much. I just finished learning c# essentials and .net and had no idea what to do. This video helps me a lot to plan for my next step.

  4. Hi, Thank you for sharing about the world of c#. In college, I code VB.NET. And at work (3.5 years), I code C# but for some reason I feel tired (not useful). Like I'm still looking for my passion, is it still in .NET developer or not.

  5. I'm from Brazil, this video is the best i watch, my difficult is find best courses in my language(pt-br). The bests courses is in other languages and make difficult to learn(because my english is not good). You got a new subscriber! Thanks for the content!

  6. I've been learning C# for the past 5 years. I mainly use Unity. I don't have a degree but I got college courses under my belt. I've tried several times to get a job but I can't even get past the second interview.

  7. Greetings from Germany, im in an "Retrain"(like Education but shorter, 2 years), learning C# now for 2+ years, i like the syntax, it makes so much fun.

  8. i smoke weed like 5 times a day and still manage to code everyday and learn something new. if you have enough discipline and passion, i doubt drugs interfere.

  9. Hey Teddy, I am proficient in C# and Angular but now i'm confused., should i learn .NET(MVC) or Web Api. I have a feeling that .NET mvc isn't being used anymore.

  10. Amazing ! the last tip was the best 🙂 when he said "don't consume drugs or alcohol" he meant – take your career seriously , the career life and the personal Are mixed.
    Also self discipline is crucial for your success, I see all the time suggestions for videos like "I'm bad at coding and I still got hired" , "how to be successful developer easy and fast" and all of those have like half a million view and I never watch them, it's so funny and sad to see so many people want to be the best but don't wanna sweat on the road to get there, so much people like to live in illusion and not in real life and the facts are there.(when the real good developers speak people say "nah it's too hard maybe there is an easier way"). It shows how people don't take seriously the work and want to get into development only for the money, from my experience it's hard for people who love what they do to work with people who aren't.

  11. You may see a LinkedIn invite from me, going to be studying C# over the next 6 months – year. Already been building a big side project in React, hope to connect!

  12. Hi bro… Thank you for this video. I just started out with programming and this has motivated me. I would love to connect with you. Can I have your instagram username so I can DM?

  13. Many jobs want 2-5+ years of experience in C#/.NET +SQL +maybe Python, in addition to the HTML and JS that you mentioned, and they won't even look at your projects unless you have the experience or a Master's degree first.
    Do you think it is better to get hired in front end first, then get a C# job?

    Many C# backend jobs in my area want several years of experience first, even in front-end, before taking on someone for backend (unless they have a degree in software engineering or Masters in CompSci)

  14. great great greeeaaat! you just made me decide on my career 🙂 I'm taking the c# road and not Data Science 🙂 thank you for beeing here for people like me 🙂

  15. Have been learning c# for a mont, actualy I like it, sometimes it is difficult for me, when I came to 2d arrays, I was stuned, but sitting a lot of hours in front of computer, and trying to understand the theme by making some projects helps)
    Now I'm learning OOP, sometimes I find it difficult to understand, but, I actualy understood: If u don't understand something in programming that's ok, u just learning)
    I don't have CS degree, i am at 3rd year degree of intepreter, but I understood that's not the thing, I'd like to do a whole life, so decided to try programming, God luck everyone. Hope each of u will became a Person u want)

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