Beyond the Script 红星聚一聚 EP3 | Which Host has a Fake Laughter on Camera? 谁会在荧幕前假笑?

Hosts are the backbone of any variety show or infotainment. Join Star Awards 2022 ‘Best Programme Host’ nominees Guo Liang, …


  1. I found this very entertaining…like i got to know more about their stuggles and likes. (i also find that they have very good "chemistry" with each other)
    -> and i dont agree with others that Kele is annoying. I feel like shes very honest and genuine and dont hide things in front of the camera

  2. 阳光可乐这样的程度也能入围?马来西亚腔那么重。没有标准的华语。 综艺主持人奖程度越来越糟。

  3. Why they putting guo liang on a pedestal though? He's not that great. If you were to compare him with Yifeng, Yifeng is much better. Both of them did a similar talk show where they interviewed their guests but I very much preferred Yifeng's.

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